Our Team

ATP has assembled a team of experienced food & beverage industry professionals with over 2 centuries of combined experience. Each of individual brings a unique perspective and range of capabilities well aligned with ATP ís core practice. This enables us to provide technical leadership for companies facing challenges that involve time sensitive or intrinsically complicated issues. Our staff can help you assess new markets, identify business opportunities, improve your use of existing assets and evaluate your future needs. From innovative processing ideas to creating breakthrough products, ATP is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

ATP ís consultants have managed short and long duration projects both domestically and internationally. They have been responsible for introducing over four-dozen new products into the retail and food service market, which today account for sales in excess of $1 billion annually. Our team has responded to product failures and crises with universal success at not only leading our clients through the difficult times but also leaving them in a stronger, more secure position at the end of the engagement. ATP is real people with real experience ready to make real progress on your objectives.